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  • Concentrating System

  • Concentrating System

  • Concentrating System

Concentrating System

Produits Description

The advantage of the wet fish meal production process is that it can handle raw materials with high  fat content. Pressing the raw materials will get 2/3 of the press liquid. After recovering the fish  solid and fish oil, there is still a large amount of nutrient-rich stickwater. It is made into a  concentrate and then send to the dryer to make fishmeal, which accounts for about 20% of the  fishmeal yield. This important work is accomplished by the concentrating system, this system can  shorten drying time and can increase fishmeal quality;

NJ concentrating system consists of I and II effect evaporators, I and II effect separators, vacuum  condenser and five pumps. Through vacuum sealing, we use waste steam from dryer as heat source,  evaporate water at 42℃, continuously recycle fish protein water to produce concentrate;

The  distilled water produced by the concentrated system has no pollution to the environment and is an  efficient and energy-saving equipment.

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